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Petcover Preferred BreederPetcover is proudly continuing to build relationships with dog and cat breeders across Australia. With over 1,500 registered breeders, our network is growing every day. Breeders participating in our program send their puppies or kittens to their new homes with our 6 Weeks Introductory Breeder* Cover.

Breeders and new owners have peace of mind knowing their puppies or kittens are covered if the unexpected were to happen, by protecting their pet with one of Australia’s most comprehensive pet insurance providers.

Introductory Breeder Cover (IBC)*

The Benefits The Cover
Veterinary Fees Up to $3,000
for injury and illness including hospitalisation and referral
Death from Injury Up to $1,500
Death from Illness Up to $1,500
Advertising & Reward Up to $400

*6 Weeks Introductory Partner Cover subject to acceptance criteria, and available only for new full policies. Terms, conditions, waiting period, policy limits and exclusions may apply. Excludes pre-existing conditions.

Waiting Periods:

Petcover Preferred Breeders can benefit from:


To become a partner Breeder and offer your clients 6 Weeks Introductory Breeder Cover (IBC):

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