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Pet Insurance Claims

We aim to do all we can in order to have your claims processed in a timely and fair manner.

To make a claim simply download, print and complete your claim form, and take it to your vet to fill in and sign.

Attach all supporting documents and receipts, and send to:

Petcover Aust Pty Ltd

Address: 1-3 Smolic Crt, Tullamarine, Vic 3043




Pet Insurance Claim Checklist

  • Ensure both your section and your vets section are fully completed and signed.
  • Include itemised receipts as well as any relevant vet consultation notes or supporting documents.
  • Cross check with your Certificate of Insurance to make sure you are not claiming for items that are not claimable with your policy. These include, but not limited to: routine and preventative care (teeth cleaning, worming, desexing and vaccinations) and any illness that occurred within your waiting period and/or were pre-existing conditions.
  • Know your policies excess amount before submitting the claim.
  • Copies of all you claim documentation should be kept for your records.

Receive Your Claim

Once you have submitted your claim, we’ll send you a letter on the outcome of your claim. A successful claim with Petcover will be paid in a choice of three ways:

  • Paid direct to your vet. *Please understand that we will not pay your vet unless it has been previously agreed with them to do so.
  • Credited into your bank account that your monthly premium is direct debited from.
  • Credited into the bank account that is nominated on the claims form at time of submission.