Winter Tips for Cats and Dogs

June 3rd, 2019

As the weather drops it’s important to not only look after ourselves this winter, but to keep our furry sidekicks in mind also. Petcover looks at four points to consider this winter when looking after your furry friends.

Grooming should not be forgotten in colder months, especially brushing your pet’s coat. By brushing their coat regularly, you are allowing to remove dead hair and keep their natural oils that not only rejuvenate their skin, but allow for the coats to flourish allowing for greater protection from the cold. Definitely do not shave your pet or cut their fur exceptionally short as this will leave them with little defence from the chilly winds.

Old Age
Older dogs and cats will feel the cold a whole lot more than younger pets. If they already have arthritis or are at the age where arthritis mat occur, the cold and damp weather will aggravate it and make it worse. It is important to be gentle when handling your older pets, provide comfortable and warm bedding, provide medication, and seek vet help if their condition is worsening.

If you have a predominately outside pet, make sure that they have access to shelter and warm bedding to keep them away from the freezing temperatures. Raising their bedding off the floor, as well as keeping them away from drafts and doors can go a long way to keeping your pet warm.

It is also important to continue your normal routine with your pet during these colder months. Continue to exercise them and be very mindful of their eating, as you may need to feed them more due to the fact that they will be using more energy to keep warm.

Your pet should be of top priority during the cold, rainy months. No matter their age, you should be keeping a close eye on them around fires and heaters, and their overall health in general. If you think they are losing weight or are worried about their health, seek veterinarian advice as soon as possible.


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