Why Liability Cover for your Horse is Necessary

December 10th, 2018

The unpredictability of horses is well known by any owner, with it being no surprise that they tend to hurt themselves more often than not. We all try our best to provide the safest environment possible by removing any possible dangers. However, they always manage to scrape their leg or injure themselves one way or another. With each injury comes an expensive vet bill that may be unaffordable for most owners.

When deciding on whether or not you should get horse insurance, it is important to factor in how much you are willing to sacrifice to potentially save your horse. This only relates to the horse getting sick or injured, however what happens when your horse acts out and injures someone else or damages their property?  This is where liability cover for your horse is essential for all owners when getting horse insurance

Liability Cover

Due to their natural instincts of being flight animals and their tendency to be spooked, horses can easily act out of the ordinary and injure themselves, others, or damage property. When a third party is injured or their property is damaged, they have every right to seek financial compensation which will then fall on the owner of the horse – potentially adding up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Being taken to court over something your horse did accidentally is not what anyone wants, however it may be the case and you could be found legally liable for the actions of your horse. Liability cover for your horse takes the stress away from a potentially stressful situation, allowing you to tend to the needs of your horse and anyone else involved instead of worrying about the possible financial burden.

By having liability cover along with your horse insurance, you are allowing yourself peace of mind if anything were to happen. This takes the stress of your back and allows you to care for your horse the best you can without any worry.


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