Valentine’s Day Dangers for Your Beloved Pets

February 13th, 2020

Valentine’s Day can be fun for pets and humans alike. From eating special treats to potentially receiving a gift, the day is all about sharing the love. However there are a few dangers this day can pose, particularly for dogs and cats.  Here are some of these dangers:

It is safe to say that come Valentine’s Day, flowers will be in abundance across many homes. Certain flowers can be very dangerous to our pets and if ingested could cause upset stomachs or vomiting, diarrhoea or dehydration. Lilies can cause serious problems for cats like damaging their kidneys if ingested. If roses have their thorns intact, your pet may hurt their paws or get scratched.  If you have received flowers this Valentine’s day, make sure to check if they are non- toxic for your pet, if they are, make sure to keep them out of their reach.

Chocolate can be potentially life threatening for your furry friend. Chocolate contains a compound called Theobromine, which is toxic to our pets and if ingested could cause vomiting, diarrhoea, increased heart rate and possibly death. Lollies contain large amount of xylitol, which is a sweetener that can also cause vomiting, loss of coordination and even liver failure.  Best to keep any sweets or chocolates you receive from your Valentine away from your pet.

Decoration and Wrapping
Ribbons, wrapping paper, bows, balloons and cellophane are dangerous to our pets. They can ingest these objects which can cause choking or vomiting.  Once you unwrap your presents please make sure to dispose of any wrapping paper or cellophane and decorations correctly.

If you are lighting a candle on Valentine’s Day, or any other day, please make sure you supervise your pet and never leave them unattended around a candle. Candles are dangerous to pets and humans, they can cause burns and even start a fire, and if your pet ingests a candle it could cause them serious harm.

While it may seem very romantic to give your significant other a cute puppy or kitten for Valentine’s Day, it is a decision that involves lots of research and planning. Animals are not disposable or can be returned.  They are companions that are a lifelong commitment.

Please remember to make sure your pet is safe this Valentine’s Day. If you want to treat your furry friend to some Valentine’s Day love, give your pet a new toy or collar or take them out for a nice walk and give them lots of hugs.

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