The Dangers of your Bird Escaping

April 25th, 2019

Birds that have been bred to be domesticated do not have the experience in order for them to have gained any necessary skills to stay safe in the wild.

Domesticated birds have never had to find food – which is a skill they would learn very young to survive in the wild. Pet birds are used to having a feeder (you) provide them with the necessary meals and nutrients when needed. A pet bird will struggle to find food in the wild and may bump into some competition along the way.

If your pet bird is not native to Australia, this can cause issues to our wild birds. Let free, the domestic birds may breed and become a pest, putting our native bird populations in danger.

Domesticated birds may also carry infectious diseases which wild birds are not immune to. This can also cause massive harm to our native birds who may not be able to defend themselves from these diseases.

To prevent your bird from escaping always keep your doors and windows closed when letting the bird out of its cage. Give your bird enough entertainment and toys so that it does not get bored and want to escape.

It is important to let your bird free from its cage to practice its natural behaviours and enjoy its life. But make sure you have taken the necessary safety precautions before letting the bird free.


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