The Cost of Owning a Rabbit

March 14th, 2019

Whether you plan on keeping your new furry friend indoors or out, Rabbits can rack up quite a high bill. To ensure that you can provide your new bunny with the care they require, it is important to understand the costs involved, to decide whether this can fit into your budget.

The price of a Rabbit can vary massively depending on where you plan to buy from, and what breed you plan to buy. Rabbits can range anywhere from $50-$250. Less reputable buyers such as ones advertised on websites such as Gumtree may be a cheap option. But it is important to buy from a trusted source that treat the animals respectfully and have their best interests in mind.

Most Rabbit owners find that the real cost comes after the purchase. First your rabbit needs a home. For a decent sized cage which provides adequate space for your Rabbit to move around, you will be looking to pay around $150-$200. Indoor cages can be much cheaper at around $50-$100. You do not need to spend hundreds on a fancy cage. However, you do need to provide a space for your Rabbit to feel comfortable.

Monthly costs will occur as food, bedding, treats and toys will need replenishing. Bedding, hay, pellets, food and treats can cost $30-$50 a month; depending on how much you spoil your Rabbit. Buying things in bulk can lower your costs massively, as does finding cheaper food sources such as growing your own vegetables.

There can be many health costs involved with keeping your Rabbit happy and healthy. To have your Rabbit neutered or spayed, you will be charged $115-$300. This is a very important procedure in order to keep the amount of unwanted bunnies down.

Unexpected vet bills can quickly add up, should your Rabbit be unfortunate enough to have an injury or illness. Having exotic pet insurance will give you the assurance that you will be able to get the treatment your Rabbit needs, without the worry of costs. Petcover Rabbit insurance varies from around $19-$25 a month, depending on the type of cover and excess chosen.

Lastly, don’t forget about the extra costs that can occur for things such as grooming and boarding. If your house is not properly protected from your Rabbit scratching and chewing, you may also find that you are paying to replace things around the home.


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