Rabbit Sounds

December 10th, 2018

Rabbits may not be as loud and chatty as pet cats and dogs can be. But that doesn’t mean to say they don’t get pretty vocal when they want to. Rabbits vocalise often to express their emotions. Each noise has a completely different meaning. So understanding these sounds is important to be able to interpret how your rabbit feels.

Positive Sounds

Purring Yes rabbits do purr. But not in the way that cats do. The sound is created by the rabbit lightly grinding the teeth together, similar to chattering. This is a pleasant sound which means that the Rabbit is happy and content.

Clucking Rabbits make a very soft clucking sound when they are happy, usually with what they are chomping on.

Negative Sounds

Teeth Grinding Teeth grinding is not to be mistaken with purring. However, it is not hard to distinguish between the two as teeth grinding is a much stronger sound than purring. Rabbits make this noise when they are in serious pain.

Grunting Rabbits grunt a lot. Whenever Rabbits are not happy with the situation they are in they will highlight this to you by grunting. These situations may occur by you picking them up, as Rabbits are often not comfortable with this.

Screaming Screaming is a very rare noise and one you would hope to never hear. Rabbits make a high pitched screaming when they are either in tremendous pain or fear for their life. People often say that it sounds like a child’s scream. If you hear this noise and there is no predator in sight, visit a vet immediately.

Thumping Thumping is an old habit originating in wild Rabbits. When rabbits think a danger is coming they thump their back foot/feet. The vibration from the ground signals other rabbits to be careful. For pet rabbits, this is a sign of disapproval. However your Rabbit may just want attention.

Rabbits are beautiful pets and can bring a lot of happiness into your house hold. But they are unlike other pets. They require different love and attention. Learn to understand your rabbit’s sounds to be able to provide them with what they need.



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