Keeping your Pets Cool During Summer

January 30th, 2020

As the weather heats up, we have to pay special attention to our furry friends to make sure they are comfortable and cool at all times. We know how hard it is when the temperatures rise, making every day task that little bit more difficult. Petcover will take you through some important tips to keep your pet safe and cool during the warmer months.

Hydration, hydration, hydration!
Keeping your pet hydrated should be your top priority. As you may already know, the hotter the weather is, the more you will drink. This goes the same for your pet. Keep an eye on their water bowl and fill it up regularly. It is also a good idea to make sure your pet can’t knock it over or spill it if you are not around during the day as they will become dehydrated very quickly on warm days. Not only should the bowl be secured, keeping it in a shaded place will also help keep the bowl full, keep the temperature down and means you will lose less water from evaporation.

Kiddie pools are a dog’s best friend
A cheap, plastic kiddie’s pool may be just what your pet needs with the rising temperatures. Keep it in a shaded area and fill it up so that your pet can splash around in it without having their whole body submerged – it can also double as a bath!

Outside pets may need to come inside
If you are coming in to a heat wave, it may be time to let your outside pet spend a little time inside – even if it is just for the hottest parts of the day. If you have a tiled surface, they will make themselves right at home as the floor traps the cool in and acts as a full body cooler. If this is definitely not an option for you, the same can be done by wetting a towel and placing it in the shade for your pet to lie down on!

Pick your walking times carefully!
Although you may have set up a routine that your dog is used to by now, the warmer weather may mean that you need to exercise your dog in the early morning or later at night to avoid the harsh rays of the sun! This is extra important on extremely hot days as the concrete can heat up and burn your pets paws (put the back of your hand on the pavement and if you can’t hold it there for 5 seconds than it is too hot for your dog’s paws!) Other great exercise ideas are to take your dog for a walk and finish it off with a swim in the beach or a lake. This will help cool them down but allow them to get any extra energy out of their system, avoid possible dehydration, and allow them to enjoy the walk a lot more.

Proper grooming goes a long way
Getting your pet groomed coming in to summer allows them to cool down quicker and control their overall body temperature. Be sure to get their hair cut through an accredited groomer as some dogs require lengthier hair to act as insulation against the heat and prevent sunburn. This also means brushing them regularly during summer will go a long way to helping them stay cool this summer.

Be smart and alert
Prevention is always easier than dealing with a serious crisis when it may be too late. Always be smart about what you are doing: don’t leave your pet in a car; keep them shaded with plenty of water; and keep exercise for cooler parts of the day. If you do notice your pet starting to struggle, contact your vet immediately as dehydration can cause serious problems for your pet.

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