Micro Chipping your Bird

March 25th, 2019

Micro chipping has become an extremely popular way of identifying pets, due to the many benefits of it. In many Australian states it has become the law that all Cats and Dogs need to be micro chipped. With exotic pets being so valuable, many people are turning to micro chipping for their bird too.

Micro chipping involves implanting a small biocompatible device. The device holds a unique number which is used to be able to identify the animal. A scanner can then be used to display the code, which is then checked to see who the animal is registered too.

Why not use a leg band?

Leg bands have been used for a long time to help us identify birds. But they do pose a few risks:

  • It is very common for leg bands to get caught in things such as a bird’s cage, toys or other obstacles. This can lead to the bird struggling to free itself which can cause serious injuries.
  • If the band is not fitted comfortably, it can cause various muscle issues in the long term.
  • Your bird may not respond well to the band and attempt to chew it off. It can even result in behavioural problems if your bird is not happy with it.
  • The numbers printed on the bands to identify the bird can get worn down over time and become unclear.
  • Theft is common with birds and leg bands can be very easily removed by people should they want to hide the birds identity.

As the microchip is internal it cannot be removed by anyone. It will not cause damage to the bird and will not result in them acting differently as they are unaware of the chip.

In the unfortunate event that your bird escapes, it is much more likely that the bird will return safely with a microchip. If your Bird is found by another person, they will easily be able to have the bird identified by a professional who will be able to contact the owner and return the bird.

If the bird has been stolen, it is very likely that the microchip will be discovered when attempted to be sold on. This makes it much less easier for people to get away with theft and deters people in the future.


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