How to Keep Your Bird Chirpy

January 20th, 2020

Birds can be joyful companions to have in your home. They can brighten up your house as well as your day. But it is important to look after your pet properly, to keep them healthy and happy.

Birds come in all shapes and sizes. So it is important to buy a cage that suits your bird. It needs to be the right size to give plenty of space for fun. Usually, the bigger the better. You don’t want your bird to be able to escape through the gaps. But make sure you give it space to spread its wings. It’s also just as important to consider where your cage will go. Find somewhere that will make your bird feel safe and secure. Remember, other pets can initially feel like a threat.

Set your friendly flyer free. Birds are meant to fly so it is extremely important to let your bird out of its cage occasionally. When doing so, be sure to clear the space of any hazards. This could include other pets or ceiling fans. The minimum time of letting your bird out of its cage varies from bird to bird. So do some research into your bird’s needs.

Change the papers and wipe down the cage and perches daily. Food and water dishes, and accessories such as bird baths, should be washed in hot, soapy water. Always dry them well. A thorough cleaning of the cage will be necessary weekly/monthly, depending on the size and how messy your bird is.

Whistle, talk, play and cuddle. Interact with your bird. Show them the love they deserve! If you spend a lot of your time out of the house, find a little toy friend for your bird. This will help to keep them company.

Make regular health checks to ensure good welfare. Things to check can include body weight, amount of food and water consumed, behaviour, respiration and appearance of droppings.

Finally, be safe and insure your bird. Make sure you are prepared, should any issues arise.


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