Fruits and Vegetables for your Guinea Pig

May 9th, 2019

We have put together a list of the 5 top fruit and vegetables that are not only safe for your guinea pig to eat but super beneficial to their health.

Strawberries: Not only are these delicious but they are a great source of Vitamin C. Guinea pigs cannot produce their vitamin c so it is vital they receive it from what they eat. Strawberries should be incorporated their diet in moderation as they are also high in sugar, once or twice a week is ideal.

Capsicum: Are a great source of Vitamin C and your guinea pig will love them. Orange, red, green and yellow capsicums are all a great source of vitamin C.

Carrots: Provide a great source of Vitamin A and guinea pigs can eat both the carrot and the carrot leaves. Carrots should be fed in moderation as they can also be high in carbohydrates. Try one every couple of days.

Leafy Green Lettuce: Should be fed to your guinea pig daily as they are a great source of fibre, potassium and Vitamin C.  They are safe to have on the daily just avoid iceberg lettuce as it is low in nutrients and not beneficial to your guinea pig.

Parsley: Another great source of Vitamin C for your guinea pig however should be given in moderation as it is also very high in calcium. Give your guinea pig parsley as a treat a few times a week.

When feeding your guinea pig it is important to provide a well-balanced diet that combines fruit, vegetables alongside pellets and hay to keep them happy and healthy.


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