DIY Ferret Toys

October 24th, 2019

Ferrets are such entertaining creatures that love to play and need toys to stimulate their natural instincts. Ferrets will play with many different things however it is important to choose toys that are durable and will be safe for your ferret. We look at some do it yourself toys that are fun and safe for your ferret to play with.

PVC Pipes
You can make a fun and stimulating maze for your ferret using PVC pipes. Ensure the pipes are clean before letting your pet run wild through them.  Ferrets love tunneling, burrowing and exploring and as an extra surprise you can hide some tasty treats in the maze for your ferret to find. PVC pipes are great in the sense that you can constantly change the layout so your furry friend is challenged and does not get bored.

Dig Box
Ferrets love to dig, it is one of their natural instincts and making a box that will allow them to fulfil this instincts will keep them happy and entertained. A large clear plastic box/bin with a hole cut out big enough for your ferret to climb through filled with either sand, dirt or even shredded paper, will make your ferret very happy. They love to rummage about!

Cardboard Box
Like PVC pipes, cardboard boxes are another great tool in stimulate your ferret and providing them with some entertainment. Cut some holes on the sides of the cardboard box and your ferret can climb inside and explore the dark area. You connect several boxes together and form a tunnel or a maze where your ferret can run about.

If you decide to make some DIY ferret toys for your furry friend it is important to make sure they are safe. Be sure that any toys don’t have small parts they could swallow. Toys should be checked often to ensure they are safe. It is a good idea to supervise your ferret when they are playing outside their cage or playing with a toy that could possess any risk of chocking or strangulation.

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