Bushfire Safety

December 9th, 2019

Depending on the area you live, you may be more susceptible to bushfires than others. This high danger, especially during the peak of summer can be nerving and leave us on edge as the temperature sores late into the 30’s. Not only are bushfires extremely dangerous and threaten our homes, they also put the lives of humans and animals in grave danger. This is why it is imperative to have a plan of action to make sure you and your pets survive these emergency situations.

Bushfire plan
Bushfires and grassfires can happen in a matter of seconds and can be unpredictable, leaving you very little time to think or act. Having a bushfire plan ready and well-rehearsed is vital to saving you and your pets. This plan will allow you to know how to react appropriately and know exactly what needs to be done.

Knowing the weather and when it is likely to be a high fire danger day are the key to being on top of the situation and being prepared for the worst. Days that are high fire danger should be taken seriously, therefore your bushfire plan should be ready and waiting in the case you are in danger. As soon as you are aware of a possible fire threat, you’ll need to act as quickly as possible. Leaving immediately is your best possible chance, as the risk of being caught up in the fire increases the more you prolong it.

Always be prepared
Chasing after your pets when there is an emergency can be very time consuming and may be the difference between saving all your pets lives or just some. For this reason, on high-risk days, it is important to know where each pet is and make sure they are secure in that area to save precious time. Keeping them in a secure area is a must as the loud noises of sirens or helicopters as well as the smoke can be very distressing and may lead them to flee the area.

Your pets should also have all their recommended ID such as microchipping and pet tags in the case that they do get distressed and make a break for it. Along with this, making sure all their information is up to date is equally as important.

Emergency Supplies
As every second is valuable in an emergency situation, it is important to have a number of supplies ready to go in case you have to leave immediately. This should include bedding for your pets, food, water, toys, medication, first aid kit and any other necessary items that your pet will need when leaving in a rush. Having all these items stored together in an easy to access location will save you a great amount of time that you will need in order to keep you and your pets safe.

Where to next?
A major part of your bushfire plan is your exit strategy. This should include where you’re going, how you’re getting there, back up plans in case the fire is coming from that direction, and a number of possible locations to stay that are pet-friendly/have kennels or catteries close by. Family and friends are always a great help when it comes to somewhere to stay in an emergency, however, there are a number of hotels/motels that allow pets as well as people who will mind your pet for you.

Being prepared and acting quickly is your best bet at escaping a bushfire safely. If you have any other bushfire safety tips, please leave them in the comments below!

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