Bunny Proof Your Home

February 24th, 2020

Rabbits are a joy to have in the home. But they love to chew, dig, and get into tiny dark spaces. It is still possible to let your bunny roam around freely and be a part of the family. You just need to do some prep work first.

Be the Bunny!
You need to embody your bunny. But we’re not talking about the hopping. It is important to get down on the ground and view your house like your rabbit would. Rabbits are great at getting into small spaces and also escaping. So it is important to make sure there are no hidden gaps or wires that your rabbit could find.

As mentioned before, rabbits do love to chew. Especially your most prized possessions. One thing you do not want to let your rabbit get their teeth around is your wires. This can be easily avoided by covering all wires with plastic wire tubes. These wrap your wires up together and keep a protective layer around them, avoiding any electrical technicalities.

Floors and Furniture

All that digging can cause a big mess in your home. But you cannot stop a rabbit’s instincts. Rather than trying (and failing) to stop this behavior, find a better outlet. Let your rabbit play in a room which has non-porous flooring. If you cannot avoid having the bunny in a room with base boards, use baseboard protectors to avoid chew marks.

Baby Gates
Baby gates are a great way to contain your rabbit in rooms. It is much better alternative to wooden doors which they will chew through… well not all the way through. But they’ll chew.

Hide Threats
Keep anything that you may think to be a hazard far out of reach. Cleaning chemicals and toxic foods should be kept high up, where your rabbit will not be able to get to.

The best way to avoid your rabbit chewing through things they shouldn’t is to buy them chew toys. Let your rabbit chew to their hearts desire whilst keeping your items safe.

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