4 Bedding Options for you Pet Snake

August 29th, 2019

There are a lot of different options to choose from in regards to snake bedding so it is crucial you make an informed decision on which one you choose for your pet snake.  You must consider: your budget, the species of snake you own and how you want it to look in the cage before making your decision. We look at some of the pros and cons of four types of bedding options for your pet snake.

Newspaper/Paper Towels
– Cheap
– Easy to obtain
– Easy to replace

– Are not easy to burrow through
– Not very decorative

-Perfect for burrowing snakes
– Decorative
– Comes in a range of colours

– Snakes can ingest sand causing serious problems
– Sand can get stuck under snake’s scales which can cause serious problems
– Becomes soiled quickly will have to be completely replaced

– Cheep
– Can be washed and cleaned
– Comes in an array of colours

– Easily soiled
– Not good for burrowing snakes

Cyprus Mulch
– Snakes can easily dig around
– Cheep
– Retains humidity
– Looks good
– Odour-controlling properties

– You have to bake the mulch for over an hour in the oven to any kill and mites or other parasites that might be living in the mulch.


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