3 Ways to Keep Your Bird Happy

October 17th, 2019

Birds are such intelligent animals and keeping them happy and content could mean that your bird is less likely to deal with boredom or becoming depressed, which is not ideal. Here are three ways to keep your bird happy and content.

  1. Cage and Toys
    As much as you would like to spend every hour with your pet bird life and family commitments work schedules make this hard. It is very important that you make sure to keep your bird entertained when you are not around. Having an appropriate cage and choose interesting and stimulating toys will help keep your pet bird happy.  It is best to have a variety of different bird toys that you can rotate around so your pet bird does not get bored easily.
  2. Diet
    it is important to feed your pet bird a variety of different fresh fruits and vegetables alongside seeds, pellet mixes and of course fresh water. These different types of foods will not only supply your pet bird with the adequate nutrition and vitamins they need to be healthy but also will act as mental stimulation as the variety of different foods you introduce to them.
  3. Exercise
    In the wild, birds are active in various ways: flying, searching for food and of course keeping safe from predators. Pet birds however need other ways to keep active so they are healthy, happy and mentally stimulated. Different types of active may include: challenging toys, playing games with your pet bird, teaching them fun new tricks and making time for playing outside their cage.

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