Is your Pooch Spoilt?

September 16th, 2019
All dogs deserve a bit of pampering and it’s part of the fun of being a pet owner. However, if you are spoiling them in excess be aware that it may result in some problematic behaviours. You can still show your dog aff

Guinea Pig Body Language Guide

September 12th, 2019
Guinea Pigs are all individually unique and have their own traits and characteristics. However there are a range of actions that most guinea pigs do. It is always good to observe your guinea pig and familiarise yourself

Pet Therapy

September 9th, 2019
Animals seem to have a special ability when it comes to healing. This is evident in the amount of pet therapy animals available for a wide range of therapeutic jobs. These therapies can be suited for people suffering sev

Important Things to Consider before getting a Pet Bird

September 5th, 2019
Owning a pet bird has become very popular in recent years. Birds come in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and can make great companions. However, like with any pet there are a lot of responsibilities that come with own

Horse Training

September 2nd, 2019
Horses are a flight animal, therefore it is imperative that training your horse is a gradual process of building a relationship and trust.  Ideally, you want your horse to see you as their leader or lead mare as they in

4 Bedding Options for you Pet Snake

August 29th, 2019
There are a lot of different options to choose from in regards to snake bedding so it is crucial you make an informed decision on which one you choose for your pet snake.  You must consider: your budget, the species o

Sleep Time and Puppies

August 26th, 2019
A new puppy can be very similar to having a young baby in the house, which is why they need to be treated accordingly. We need to teach them how to use the toilet, socialising and very importantly, there sleeping schedul

7 Interesting Rabbit Facts

August 22nd, 2019
Rabbits are cute, fluffy and lovable creatures that each have their own special traits. They can make wonderful pets however with any new pet it is best to do your research beforehand and consider any factors that come w

Cat Training

August 19th, 2019
With the right motivation, cats can also be trained in a range of tricks and behaviours. While they may not be as easy to train as a dog, finding the right thing to motivate your cat is the key to success. Petcover look

4 Colourful Bird Species

August 15th, 2019
Birds come in an array of vibrant and beautiful colours and patterns. Here are our top four colourful bird species. Eclectus Parrot These parrots are very charming and intelligent. These birds are known as sexually dimor