4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Guinea Pig

October 18th, 2018
Guinea Pigs are a popular choice for pets. Their sociable, friendly temperament makes for a great addition to the family. But before you buy a Guinea Pig, make sure you have considered these four things! Commitment Guine

How to Keep Your Bird Chirpy

October 15th, 2018
Birds can be joyful companions to have in your home. They can brighten up your house as well as your day. But it is important to look after your pet properly, to keep them healthy and happy. Birds come in all shapes and

What to Consider before Buying a Snake

October 11th, 2018
Some pet owners prefer scales to fur. Snakes can make for a great pet, if you have an interest in reptiles. But deciding on whether to have a snake as your next pet is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Snakes

3 Reasons Why you Should Get an Exotic Pet

October 8th, 2018
The term ‘exotic’ can be ambiguous but for the purpose of this article, we are using the loose definition of an exotic pet to mean any animal kept in a domestic household which is generally thought of as a wild speci

Petcover launches ‘Exotic, Rare and Unusual’ Pet Insurance

October 5th, 2018
A new era in pet insurance!   Petcover is proud to announce the launch of ‘Exotic, Rare and Unusual’ pet insurance, for your reptile, small mammal and bird. From today, you will now be able to insure domestic an

Horse Whispering Basics

October 1st, 2018
  Rebellious, unruly and difficult to train horses need the experienced hand of a trainer who has the knowledge and intuition required to understand and respond to a horse’s needs. The ability to ‘speak’ to a

How to Care for a Pet that’s Been Abused

September 11th, 2018
Adopting a pet who has been previously abused is an incredibly altruistic and compassionate act. Cruelty towards domesticated animals is unfortunately something that does occur and many of the pets you find in shelters

Safe Exercise for Dogs

September 6th, 2018
Dogs are resilient animals who evolved to be hard working and physically active. They have been bred to hunt, herd livestock and defend their territory and young. Sadly, the life of many domestic dogs today is a far cry

Re-Thinking the Concept of the Alpha Dog

September 3rd, 2018
Re-thinking the concept of the ‘’Alpha Dog” A dog who exhibits dominant or aggressive behaviour is often labelled an ‘’alpha dog’’.  There is no shortage on information on so-called “alpha” behaviour i

The ‘Pet Effect’

August 28th, 2018
There is a significant body of research on the physical, psychological and social health benefits of owning a pet.  Pets have been shown to have such a positive impact on the lives of humans that the phenomenon has been