Different types of horse insurance

February 15th, 2018
Owning a horse is a wonderful life decision, although we can all agree that they can be extremely high maintenance and expensive. The fees quickly add up when you include purchase price, feed, training, stables, and cost

Pet Nail Clipping

February 15th, 2018
As an owner, getting your pet’s nails clipped can be very expensive. There is, however, a more cost-effective option – doing it yourself. By giving your pet a pedicure, you will save money and create a stronger b

Your pets ideal weight

February 8th, 2018
Knowing if your pet is the ideal weight is important as being under or over the preferred weight can come with health complications. Even if you’re actively watching their weight and doing the right thing, there may be

Training tips for your horse

February 2nd, 2018
Training is an imperative part of owning a horse as it allows you to bond with your horse whilst teaching them the basic skills. In the initial days of training, it is important to know how they react to certain situatio

Coping with the loss of your horse

January 29th, 2018
As a horse can be a huge part of your life, the grief we experience when they pass away can be unfathomable. Even as old age comes in to play, there is nothing that can properly prepare you for the pain that you will fee

Signs of a snake bite

January 23rd, 2018
The warmer weather sees an increase in snake sightings, meaning our cats and dogs are more at risk than any other time of the year. Due to snakes being much more active, pet owners need to be more cautious and put in saf

Desensitising your horse

January 19th, 2018
As you begin to train your horse you will realise that no matter their age, they will most likely have to become desensitised to something. Desensitising refers to applying a stimulus to your horse until a response is el

Teaching your pup to swim

January 18th, 2018
During summer, spending time in a pool, river, or the beach is one of the best ways to cool off. It is made a whole lot better when we can do this with our four-legged friends. However, not all dogs take to water so easi

What to look for when buying a horse

January 11th, 2018
One of the most exciting things a horse lover can do is actually buying a horse! It can be one of the proudest moments a horse owner can experience with choosing the right horse for you being pivotal in how you and the h

Bushfire safety

January 11th, 2018
Depending on the area you live, you may be more susceptible to bushfires than others. This high danger, especially during the peak of summer can be nerving and leave us on edge as the temperature sores late into the 30